Laboratory and on-line microwave moisture meters

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Who are we ?



MICRORADAR is a union of the companies from different countries which produce microwave moisture meter for measuring moisture of fluid, solid and bulk materials.

What are our devices able for?

Our microwave moisture meter can measure moisture from 0 up to 100 %, with accuracy from 0,02 up to 2 %, in laboratories and in industrial processes.

What are our engineers able for?

Our engineers can install microwave moisture meter at your manufacture, make calibration of the devices, provide their service in any part of the world, they can help you to solve not typical, appropriate only to your production problems of moisture measuring.

Our products

1. Microwave laboratory MICRORADAR 101-2 moisture meter

2. Microwave on-line MICRORADAR 113С2 moisture meter

3. Microwave on-line MICRORADAR 113AN moisture meter

4. Microwave on-line MICRORADAR 113K moisture meter

5. Microwave on-line MICRORADAR 114 moisture meter

6. Microwave on-line MICRORADAR 112C moisture meter

7. Microwave on-line MICRORADAR 113К20M moisture meter


The brand Microradar was awarded by Diploma and Golden Medal in nomination “ The best measuring device at the exhibition «AUTOMATICON 2009» ”, which took place on March 21-April 3, 2009 in Warsaw , Poland (EXPO XXI, Pradzynskiego str, 12/14, http://www.automaticon.pl/ )